Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this Industrial Design?

No. Integrated design is something different, though some of our classes do have elements of industrial design.

Can I major in this?

No, sorry. We do not offer an undergraduate major at this time, though we do have a Bridging Disciplines Program Certificate in Design Strategies that you can pursue. All of our ITD courses count towards the certificate.

How do I apply for the undergraduate BDP?

You have to apply through the BDP office, not through CID. We created the certificate in conjunction with BDP, but we don’t administer it.

Do I have to be pursing the BDP to take your courses?

Nope! You can take whatever courses you want/whatever courses you qualify for. A few of them have prerequisites and/or applications.

Do you have VAPA courses? Flagged courses? Signature courses?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

Can I pursue a graduate degree in integrated design or design strategies through CID?

Not at this time, sorry! We do not currently offer any graduate degrees through CID. Keep an eye out on us for future graduate offerings, though.

Can a graduate student take your undergraduate off-site courses?

No, sorry! Those courses are for undergraduates only, and we don’t allow auditors in our off-site courses due to studio security concerns. However, you’re welcome to take any of our other undergraduate courses.

Are you offering a graduate portfolio program?

Again, not at this time! All of these degrees and portfolio programs take time to develop. Maybe in the future.

Are there opportunities to TA with CID?

Maybe! Send us an email at cid@austin.utexas.edu to check. Sometimes we have opportunities for grad students with relevant experience to TA our courses if our undergraduate course enrollments merit it.

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