Hear from Doreen Lorenzo, Director of the Center for Integrated Design.

Doreen talks about why incorporating design thinking into every discipline is essential to developing key skills that will benefit students and employers alike.

Interview with Dr. Douglas Dempster,
Dean of the College of Fine Arts.

Douglas Dempster speaks on how the Center for Integrated Design got it’s start, and the need for a greater conversation surrounding design in every discipline.

Interview with Jon Freach
Instructor of Intro to Design Thinking.

Jon Freach speaks on his class and the advantages of multidisciplinary design, as well as how it can used it to improve your school, work, and life.

Interview with Mark Rolston
Founder and Chief Creative of Argo Design.

Mark discusses design as a functional medium of art, as well as a way to identify what people need and create distinctive and valuable solutions.

Interview with Jeremiah Wright
Sophomore, Chemical Engineering

Jeremiah discusses how he believes design complements his math and science-oriented engineering studies, and why thinking creatively and collaboratively are important skills.

Interview with Kristen Horoho
Sophomore, English

Kristen speaks on the definition of design as a broad term that reaches many subjects, and how her experience in Intro to Design helped shaped this idea and challenged her to problem solve.

Interview with McKenzie Raley
Sophomore, Radio, Television & Film

McKenzie speaks about the multiple perspectives design thinking unlocks when framing a problem, and the different ways this thinking translates across projects.

Interview with Julio Correa
Junior, Computer Science & Design

Julio talks about different mediums for design, and the importance of human-centered thinking and considering the people who will interact with your work.

Interview with Steven Barron
Freshman, Economics

Steven talks about his experience taking Intro to Design and how it has pushed him to think more deeply and in many different contexts.

Interview with Emily Parnell
Sophomore, Nutrition

Emily speaks on her experience in DES 301 and how it has helped her use a human-centered approach to solve problems by developing an ability to read people and what they may be looking for.

Interview with Gene Azad
Sophomore, Business Honors

Gene speaks to his goals of being a multi-faceted designer in the workforce, and the value of possessing different types of design knowledge, in addition to his experience in DES 301

Interview with Clayton Baker
Junior, American Studies

Clayton discusses her experience in DES 301 being new to design, and learning about all the different ways design thinking can be applied. She details the thinking process and ways to approach a problem.